Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back from National

Well, we're back! I am so tired. We had a lot of fun. I was just surfing the net and unwinding (after I waded through 157 unread e-mails-- ugh!) and found a picture of Michele and me HERE. How cool is that? Thanks, Dee. It was so great to finally meet you in person. :) Once I upload my pictures, I'll be sure to post some too.

On Saturday night, Esri Rose asked if she could take a picture of my shoes for the Shoe Revue on her BLOG. (Note: The pics aren't posted yet.) I am quite fond of my black satin rose bedecked strappies, so I said, "Sure!" After she snapped the photo, she asked me what it would say about my heroine if she wore them. I'm shy and being clever on the spot with a new person wasn't possible, so I told her to let her readers decide. Later, of course, I had an answer for each of my three favorite heroines. Oh well.

I also found a nice picture of my friends Susan and Harry HERE. I ran Harry when I first arrived at the literacy signing, fresh off the bus after an 11 hours on the road. He didn't even tell me I looked like hell. :) Harry is the nicest guy and I am always glad to see him. Two days later, I happened upon his lovely wife Susan (and her gorgeous new shoes) at the Rita dessert reception. She gave me some very nice advice about turning 40 and writing and I'm so glad I ran into her. She is a fabulous writer, mentor, and all-around good person and I admire her very much.

I feel like writing!

Edited to add: I found this BLOG where Olivia (I don't know her but she seems lovely) posted photos of Grace Cathedral. I neglected to bring my camera when we went there Thursday morning and I'm grateful for Olivia's photos. Thank you, Olivia. :)

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Blogger Esri Rose said...

Your shoes, dey be up.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Cherry Red said...

Thank you! What fun!


11:26 PM  

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